First Investment Debate “Business and Power: Full Contact” to Be Held in Saratov

On 11 October 2019, the first investment debate “Business and Power: Full Contact” will be held as a part of the business program of the 2nd Saratov Economic Forum “Nothing but Moving Forward!” The event will be moderated by Andrey Krylov, an expert of the Business Success National Award of “Opora Russia”.

The representatives of regional authorities, media and business communities are to take part in the debate. The debate participants will discuss mechanisms of increase of the power and business openness towards each other, issues of efficient interaction and ways to remove administrative barriers to business. The forum participants who will be able to make their proposals on improvement of the investment climate in the region and development of the public-private partnerships will be invited to actively take part in the discussion.

An open and lively dialogue provided for by the debate format will have a positive effect on the speed of decision-making. Participants’ initiatives supported by specific facts and practical business experience will make it possible to find out new modern managerial solutions to improve the investment attractiveness of the Saratov region.